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  • Winterize Your Beauty Routine

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But this season can also play havoc not only with your skin but also to your hair and lips. Now that winter is here.

    Compared to summer, winter is less humid which means the colder temperatures become outside, the faster the air becomes dry leading to having flaky skin, frizzy hair and chapped lips. So, why wait until it happens to you when you can change your winter beauty routine now?

    We have listed below some tips to help you winterize your beauty routine.

    Save Your Skin

    Skip hot baths or long showers

    Since it’s cold outside, you might be tempted to take a good soak...

  • Behind the Brand: Somme Institute

    When you found a quality skincare line where science and beauty meet, you know you're onto something good.

    Unfortunately, some brands make false and misleading claims about products which turn out to be ineffective.

    But not in the case of Somme Institute. This award-winning brand is true to its promise in addressing common skin concerns by delivering unparalleled results.

    Extensive Research

    For over ten years, Somme Institute's research team conducted numerous tests on delivery systems and samples. They then developed MDT5 (Molecular Dispersion Technology), a h...

  • Why Mineral Makeup Is Worth the Hype

    Thinking of switching to using mineral makeup? Get to know more about it first.

    The rise of mineral makeup has changed the game making the consumers switch to more natural and eco-friendly beauty materials.

    It has come to their attention that some beauty products might contain harmful chemicals which can cause skin infection and irritation.

    If you are seeking to safer and natural cosmetics, you may want to check out mineral makeup!

    What is Mineral Makeup?

    Mineral makeup contains finely powdered particles of mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides that are known to be natural mineral compounds....

  • How to Have Good Hair Days this Winter

    Winter is finally here.

    Is your hair ready for it?

    The cold weather will surely bother and create various havocs on your locks.

    As the breeze becomes stronger, your hair needs extra care to prevent serious damages.

    So, how will you able to maintain healthy hair during winter?

    We listed the must-follow tips below!

    Do not wash your hair excessively.

    If you have long hair, try to wash it not more than twice a week to prevent moisture loss w...

  • Breaking Up with Skin Dehydration

    Skin dehydration can happen to anyone. Amidst the cold weather and your busy schedule, having dehydrated skin may be inevitable due to moisture loss. Cheer up! There are many ways to combat this condition. 

    So, how do know if you’re already suffering from skin dehydration?
    Test your skin by gently pinching your cheek. If you see fine lines, then it means you are dehydrated. Your skin may also be flaky, tight and rough.